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The Galiczynski FamilyI am a professional freelance writer with over 13 years of specialized market experience and thousands of published works. I have written for many local companies in northwestern Pennsylvania, international businesses, magazines, newspapers, non-profit organizations, churches, past employers, and countless online businesses. I am also an active fundraiser and have spearheaded numerous events and campaigns for causes I am passionate about.

With a degree in family and child development, I have worked as a family therapist, adolescent counselor, and mobile crisis interventionist. I left the social work field in 2001 to further pursue my writing career when my first daughter was born. My husband, Mark, and I have since added two more children to our brood—which has given me a lifetime of stories to write about!

I have been a working mom, stay-at-home mom, and now a work-from-home mom; therefore, can empathize with the joys and struggles that each of parenting role entails. Based on my educational and personal experience, I bring a new light to parenting writing that has built a large fan base due to my informative, honest, and “telling it like it is” accounts of what raising a child is really like!

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