Although you will find the majority of my written work at Along Came Life, below is a small sampling of other projects I have worked on across a wide variety of subject matter and written formats.  Each file is in PDF form.  If you have any problems opening them, just let me know HERE and I can e-mail you whatever you would like to see!

Magazine Publications

Monthly Columnist for DuBois Life Magazine

True Heart Magazine Contributor

Contributing Author


Parenting Section at Experts123


Parenting and Child Development Articles

How to Bring Home a New Baby With a 3-Year-Old

How to Make a Schedule Easy for Grown Kids

Cruises on Which Kids Travel Free

Diaper Care for Girls

How to Word a Homeschool Graduation Announcement

Child First Aid Essentials

How to Create Trust in Your Relationship

Coconut Oil Cures for the Entire Family

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Forward For a Theater Pamphlet

Theater Forward

Press Releases

My Personal Fundraising Initiative for Worldwide Child Safety — Stacy's Safety Stars

Software Company

Online Dating Site #1

Online Dating Site #2

Web Content / SEO Content / Blog Posts

Inside the Marketing Mind Contributor

Should Your Company Use Compendium

How Certificates of Deposit (CDs) Work

Lack of Privacy Using Email

“About Us” Company Pages

Medical Practice

Family Dental Practice

Online Dating Site

Candle & Home Fragrance Retailer

eReader Retailer

Home / Landing Pages

Specialty Retailer

Dating Fantasy Site

Costume Store #1

Costume Store #2

If there is anything else that you would like to see or have further questions, feel free to drop me a line!

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